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by Jerome Smith-Pula 7 months ago in love poems
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Love or lust?

Photo by lloyd jr on Unsplash

He shook my hand with such provoking control,

he used his sexiness to obliterate my soul.

I told myself to get a bloody grip,

But how can I, when he’s biting his bottom lip?

My body felt conflicted in my clothes,

sweat saturated from my head, right down to my toes.

You know, when you have that urge to be around them,

you start to critique every single problem.

It’s like a game of pulling apart a daisy,

am I being completely crazy?

For goodness sakes man, you’ve just met the dude,

sharpen up and change your attitude.

Differing thoughts in my head, make me sound vulnerable,

just the thought of him near, makes my knees buckle.

I feel like a little schoolgirl, fangirling, over my idol

creating an idyll in my head about my dream bridal.

He begins a conversation on beer,

not entirely sure because I’m not fully there.

The cologne he’s wearing distracts me from reality,

I wonder what he’s like if tonight he will kiss me.

My stomach’s full of raging butterflies,

Nervous system’s working on overtime.

There seems to be a million questions clouding my mind.

Why has this guy taken me up to Cloud9?

Words can’t express why he is so magnetic,

Heck, I can’t even explain why I like Brett

He must be thinking why I’m acting like an anti-socialist.

Oh, but I just want him to kiss my lips.

He’s smiling, acting so confident with himself

Why am I feeling so damn overwhelmed?

We’ve both entered in the same realm,

searching for help to find our true-love.

Losing control, I snap back to reality,

Oh, how I long for Brett to just kiss me.

love poems

About the author

Jerome Smith-Pula

Been fascinated with writing since I was 11 years old. I'm interested in crime to feel-good articles. Mostly crime.

instagram: jsp_the_curator

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