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Bourgnew's Legendary Tale

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in nature poetry
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The Stallion & the Lion

Bourgnew's Legendary Tale
Photo by Guillermo Mota on Unsplash

There was a famine in the lions' country so severe that not a leaf stood upon a tree. The lions searched everywhere and they went on long journeys trying to find food and water but they could not. Till they heard about water in the spring country. There were plenty of food and water enough to survive the famine. Every lion wanted to go even the lion's king so they made a pact to leave at once. They gathered as a group and walk in a huddle. This was time consuming after days and days of setbacks. There was the stallion lead and he sense troubled coming to the spring land because it was so prosperous and famine free. He band his herd into two groups the females and the ponies and the males. The stallion lead herd from the animals near the border that intruders were coming so he sought young stallions to see from a distance. They searched endless while looking and exploring the land. They went days and weeks on their own. And out of nowhere a lion curious for food, glared at them. The lion called his pack and the young stallions ran for their lives. At first the lions were in no distance near but time and patience gave them headlong advantage against the young stallions. The stallion lead from a distance sensing the young stallions' cry. At first he gallop then he ran then he flew leading the charge. And just when the young stallions were about to give in and be surrounded. The stallion lead in rage kick the lions. And the male herd of stallions joined in the frenzy while most of the lions limp away. Those who stood and open their mouth to devour were kick to death. The female lions came to the border of the spring land and the stallion lead forbid them to enter. They finally came to an agreement that only a certain time and part of the land shall they inhabit.

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