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Bourgnewian Dream

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in inspirational
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The Hopes of Bourgnewians

Bourgnewians I ask you to dream,

dream of a better world,

dream of a better country

where we can increase our ambition

and justified our faith in governance.

We must seek direction from

a higher calling of humanity.

We must focus on the upmost goal

of preserving our union.

We must balance the impossible

with the strength of possibilities.

It is for us to decide

It is for us to challenge

It is for us to dare

It is for us to think

It is for us to do

It is for us to fight

Liberty is won by diligence

Freedom is gained by hope

Humanity is saved by grace

Let us take this dream to a higher level

Let us questions actions and thoughts

Let us debate but never divide

Let us set an example but never deny

Let us be ambitious and conquer hearts

with love of country, respect for eachother and hope


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Matthew Primous

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