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Blue Moon

A Love letter

By Lakshmi NarashimanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

The blue moon rose, on a night so fair,

A celestial wonder, a love affair.

I saw her there, with a smile so bright,

And my heart skipped a beat, with a love at first sight.

The moon's gentle glow, so soft and serene,

Reflecting the love, that I'd never seen.

I knew in that moment, my heart was her's to keep,

And I vowed to love her, for all of eternity to reap.

We talked under the stars, as the blue moon shone,

Our laughter and love, a harmony was shown.

Time stood still, in that moment so rare,

Our love was like the blue moon, a love beyond compare.

As the blue moon faded, and the night turned to day,

My heart was filled, with love in every way.

For that night, I knew, my love was true,

And I'd cherish that memory, of my first love and the blue moon.

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About the Creator

Lakshmi Narashiman

Writing my heart out | Want to make you live my moments through my writing

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