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blue bleak love

a poem

By Mescaline BrissetPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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You have lost a step

As well as your innocence

In that crucial moment.

How was it with her?

Your daughter demands a pursuit

To the point of impossibility.

Your love, much like my jeans, has faded

After many washes, it frays at the edges

Not just in our minds, but in reality, too.

Only blue ribbons hold any hope,

And after the storm, the air turned blue,

Silencing our voices, unable to speak the truth.

Your touch grazed mine,

Inspiring these words I now pen,

A tale of our brief encounter,

And the varied meanings of our ill-fated love,

Concealed within our hearts and behind closed eyes.

You could never get inside my soul

And now, our supposed love is fading,

A dreadful demise in an untimely test,

Where no victor can emerge,

And everyone has departed,

Just like our desolate love .


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About the Creator

Mescaline Brisset

if it doesn't come bursting out of you

in spite of everything,

don't do it.

unless it comes unasked out of your

heart and your mind and your mouth

and your gut,

don't do it.

so you want to be a writer? – Charles Bukowski

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Mescaline BrissetWritten by Mescaline Brisset

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