My heart angers at the view of you

The way you act so sweet

Yet are so wholesomely bitter

You disgust me

I've never seen a man so out of concept

So out of place and ugly as can be

You stare at me with this tempted-ness

In your eyes as if I'm a fresh slice of meat

You try to grope me and grab me

I want to sock you and nearly stab you

You bring an aching into my heart

An angry vicious act on you into my mind

"I'll take you to live with me"

I will leave nowhere with you

"I get jealous when you bring your friends around "

I don't belong to you or anyone, so leave your nasty thoughts of me out of your mind

"I only want to make you happy"

Then just leave me be or hope to die

I want to hurt you, I want to yell and scream and rid of you

A man who shares the same blood as I craving me in ways I can't come to understand

A way I can't seem to wrap around my head

You crave your own flesh and blood

What a creep, what a sicko

So don't try to rape me with your eyes

Don't create dirty thoughts of me and fake fantasies of you and I

Keep away, keep gone.

Stay away from me, or I will make you stay away for far longer than you think

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