by Neon Odyrah 2 years ago in heartbreak

An Aching Heart


Like a thief in the night, it has arrived

This day, this moment, this hour, I am not surprised

Maybe I am, but actually hid it pretty good

Like how I hide things, pretending it's cool

I tried to cure myself, I took the pill

The pill became a deadly virus, my blood shrinks

My heart though once beating, has stopped

And my brain waves, a bomb waiting to go off

I saw this, even before it happened

I could have prevented it, I hesitated

And now the outcome, a world war zone

Except the fact that it's all dead bones and I'm all alone

My mouth lost its brake pad and drove it to hell

And now I am burnt, can almost see my muscle cells

The mouth and heart are like half brothers

One fuels while the other ignites

It's almost an unexplainable sight

It is not glass but yet a comrade never breaks it

Even the dead hold it till the end

The night grows old and weary, the sun shines at night

This new phase was a must, not much appetite

The places I find myself are for older minds

And yet I appear here, drained out of my mind

A freak of this age, a mutant that doesn't age

I need to act, as though my age implies

The basic instinct of teenage lifestyle kicks in late

And now the bar stand is too high for me

Talking to ghosts and feeling the air

Reading minds and knowing things as though I was there

And now, all that is left is total despair

No one understands me, no one ever will

Suicidal thoughts becomes a daily meal

The model I tried to push couldn't go

As the star itself can't outshine this fold

I am mystery and like that I shall remain

For all I know is pure loneliness and I am with no name

Be careful what you wish for, a deal goes two ways

For today I must confess, I learnt it the hard way.

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Neon Odyrah
..My thoughts driving me insane, till my pen drained them away..

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