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Black Swan Omega

Black Swan

By Lightbringer Published 2 months ago 1 min read

I had actually frequently cowled in the slumbrous hefty air,

Shut my breathless covers to discover it genuine,

As I understood it would certainly be the vibrant stimulates

As well as repainted roof coverings the high snows glimpsed at the back,

All turned around in the peaceful showing waters--.

Not understanding after that that Durer viewed it as well.

Currently I locate that one more time I have actually diminished.

To a trespasser burglar of dead guys's desire.

I had actually checked out in publications that art is difficult.

Yet nobody advised that the mind duplicates.

In its lack of knowledge the vision of others. I am still.

The black swan of trespass on unusual waters.

I am still the ear that listens to the water-birds demand.

From some unheard measurement the eyes that see.

The representation of some unidentified world.

In the smooth calmness of our very own.

Do you bear in mind that day?

Just how we bet hrs on the side of the stream.

Capturing pests in the sunlight paying attention.

To the burble of water the telephone calls of birds?

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