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Black Soldier

The story of 15 cheeseburgers

By Kale BenderPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Black Soldier
Photo by Madison Carson on Unsplash

Cornerstones were laid to prepare the foundations for surpassing unimaginable levels of extreme elevation.

While dark skinned humans laid down their stolen bodies in an unfair fight for the daydream of salvation.

Black soldier, spoon fed hearty lies cooked into processed truths while white leaders preached on about “anything is possible”.

Black soldier, fought to die for this country while being given improper drugs to feel the rich power of becoming unstoppable.

Injured black soldier with foreign bullets wedged behind the clavicle, homeless, begging for change on a rundown bicycle; hunting for fifteen cheeseburgers and a milkshake to stay fed through tomorrow.

When the fight is for food, freedom and the right to work, the oppressed must commit treason in the eyes of the righteous for it to work.

Inferiority is a term coined by insecure people who are horrified of unification and terrified of being equal.

The capacity of privilege must not be allowed to dictate segregation. Every human has a heart and every person is the product of migration.

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