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Black Film

The Dreamer's Black Film

By Christopher ShaversPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Entrapped in a reel that never ends.

Entrapped in memories of black.

Entrapped in black Film.

Why can’t I see the memories in motion?

The cinema flickers throughout this world

But only black images are exposed.

How is it that I can read the reel’s reflection?

There are no words that appear

Yet I am fluent in the invisible language,

The language of Spoken Silence.

Even as I wonder as I wander

This world means nothing but everything.

This Black Film engages in this

Never ending movie.

Showing me the voices in my head,

The demons in the corners,

And creatures that run the show

I feel lost in a place so old to me.

Could it be leading me to the depths of my soul?

The sky grows dark and slow.

My thoughts race past me as my world’s motions slow.

May I watch this movie in peace and see all it shows.

Only in the sun will I see the movie of memories played

On Black Film.

sad poetrysurreal poetry

About the Creator

Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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