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By Alexandra LaceyPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Photo by Kristine Cinate on Unsplash

Fly With Me

We soar the skies,

Illuminating stars in our wake,

We’re ready to fly,

To break free for all’s sake.

Your eyes so striking so bold,

You are power and grace,

Whose truth but be told,

With me your secret’s place.

But never outsold,

For our love will not break.

Throughout Winter’s spell,

We’ll survive the dark of night,

Nothing could be better,

Than the heart of our sight.

We see me as me,

And you for so much more,

My mind will always go,

Where yours has gone before,

I love me for me,

And you for evermore.

For us this love will always be,

And forever you shall know,

That life will go on toe,

To see you and me,

Wherever we shall go.

Her Reply

Little girl so shy,

Sits alone but never cries.

Smiles when they pass her by,

They ask “Are you happy?”

Her reply “Big girls don’t cry.”

Little girl on the playground,

Wonders why no friends around,

She hides away without a sound,

The wind replies “Are you happy?”

Her reply “No enemies around.”

Little girl running free,

Beautiful silence how can it be,

The world is happy don’t you see,

Then it said “Are you happy?”

Her reply “I am me.”

Little girl is growing fast,

Her birthday has now come to pass,

Another year she has last,

Her future wonders “Are you happy?”

Her reply “In the past.”

Big girl surrounded by company,

There’s friends and family,

She laughs and asks brightly,

“Are you happy?”

Their reply “Most certainly”

Independent girl leaving home,

Back to the beginning all alone,

She smiles towards what’s unknown,

It questions “Are you happy?”

Her reply “Forever and Always.”

Mind Your Heart

The night battle’s won,

We’ve nothing to lose,

Wonders they dance,

Oblivious to the war.

Solemn heart bring of me good news,

Who’s casualties have ceased to exist?

Step softly now,

Don’t ignite new ground,

For the peace is only settled,

They’ve ears of a mother.

Solemn heart may I once more ask,

Who’s casualties have ceased to exist?

Not one but two,

Nor whom only both,

Have captured slumber by the hand,

Shaking ‘til no more shots fired.

Solemn heart safety is now ours,

For the casualties have ceased?

For the moment,

We are of the end,

Drift quietly,

For loudness is sin.

What He Had

He stood before the world,

Searching only for a reason why.

Nothing all too special,

Just a little insight.

He stood before the world,

A fire in his eyes.

Knowing all too well,

The pain that came to rise.

He stood before the world,

Apologizing time and time again,

For he knew of his own crimes,

How he thought they were sin.

He stood before the world,

With such potential strengths,

If only he knew,

His words were all wrong.

He stood before the world,

Loathing at innocence.

She wished to stand with him,

Claiming all but patience.

He stood before the world,

Oh, how she yearned to share it.

Now all that she craves,

Is to be near him.

He stood before her,

But he had nothing to offer,

She smiled and said,

I never wanted more.

Beautiful Darkness

Lips red with fury,

And her dress dark as night.

There was fading innocence between the folds,

It’s power to seduce a virgin passerby.

Just one glance and they’ll have fallen,

Down into the talons of the falcon.

A world of always lost and never found.

Every clink of her heels should send me running,

So as not to be caught in the tangle of her lonely curl.

She lets it bounce as though it were useless,

The solely golden thing she has to offer.

Beauty is power.

Boots in a Bed of Flowers

A slow motion dancer,

Her mane a river of gold,

She prances with ideal passion,

So secret and so unopposed.

No longer does she feel that anchor,

The affliction of strong regret.

Now all that she hopes for is nothing,

Because everything’s already had.

What ignorance had initially started,

Freedom had ended in a whir.

Swaying among the mustards,

Alas she took in a breath.

‘Twas then she begun breathing,

Stripping off all of her fears,

She felt all release from those burdens,

And smiled with not but a tear.

Her limbs flew freely for hours,

With all thanks to those boots and those flowers.

Whispers in The Wind

To feel is to love, to live, to lie,

To know and own thought.

Not everyone can feel the way they please,

Not everyone is that lucky.

A spring flower blooms,

Dazzling and original.

It lays anew,

Until it is devoured.

Consumed by society that once fed it,

Darkness has drawn its purity.

The petals crumble at the feet of the lion,

But forth the beast prowls on.

They are wisped away,

To lay softly in the riverbed.

Calming peace is instilled upon the shattered.

It carries on dreaming, hoping only that life had been…


Break Me

I am a broken promise,

The spell ran out between them,

As the two departed ways,

Drifting too far to realize what they’d left behind.

I’m incapable of being fixed,

With my mind always minding,

Yet I never break.

Wholeness is a dream I let go of long ago,

My past prevents it,

With wounds sore at the mention of his name.

My youth felt the mystery of lust,

Stripped of a peace to never be undone.

No more running from love that doesn’t exist.

It’s my own that worries me most,

I’m slipping deeper into Love’s coma,

Being pulled into its rabbit hole.

Society counts it right, so why am I so wronged?

That’s how I’ve come to know I don’t belong to them,

And at whose expense will they ask me to fit in,

To convince me I am still untouched?

For The Love of a Horse

Free as the wind,

Wild as the river,

Her heart beats within,

His hoof beats forever.

One soul they share,

One journey to be written,

They’ll save their despair,

For sadness is forbidden.

Someday they’ll be free,

Someday they’ll fly,

Someday they’ll see,

That love never dies.

Enemy Lines

From pain and from hurt,

For better and worse,

We call to our past,

Sweet memories alas.

We’re all of this place,

All wonder no grace,

Seeking out sweet revenge,

‘Til the bittersweet end.

Mechanics of the Heart

A heart of purity nonetheless,

You’ve won me over your sweet caress.

Your lungs the conductor of an orchestra,

They breathe into me the life in love,

I indulge in your entirety with open eyes,

For your heart so whole I sincerely despise.

Your lips ignite my heart within,

A fire to burn from having been.

My mind hath lost itself beneath my soul,

I am your puzzle you’ve come make whole.

Sea of Blue

Your veins the course of simple streams,

Casting life into your heart.

It overflows with emotions,

So elaborate, not even you can know.

Bewilderingly I dance in your eyes,

To drown upon your inner workings,

Meander through your limbs,

And trace the details on your skin.

When I dance I hold you to my mind,

You linger there with me.

Rejoice in finding home,

Awaken the love in me.

Our eyes have me on the outside now,

You have seen me, but not as I do.

Never have I ached this way,

Draining by the bit to join into you.

You don’t pain me like the rest,

Therefore I beg of you,

Grant me certainty,

Rein me in by my strings,

Play me for the music I never thought to emit.

You’re in my dictating thoughts,

Spare me the wrath of feeling,

I crave you in all your numbness.

The reality of you is all I comprehend,

I trust you with my streams,

Watch as they bend for you.

Lock away my heart,

Morph into my hope,

Free me from my fears.


Every breath consumes old habits,

You spoke to me in possibilities,

It’s you who broke me away from sins committed,

Erased the ties that bound me.

No longer must I dance for him,

For sorrow of my own,

But in illuminated thought.

It’s you who inspires my rhythm,

Pulled me from the crossfire,

Sewn the fault lines that drowned me,

Below the surface of doubt.

You seeped into my mind,

Oh what an eerie place to be,

Flipped on the light,

Only to leave me to my judgements.

It’s you who has had me forget,

Tugging on the blanket of pity,

Burning down my broken bridges,

You’ve now gone where no one has dared before,

My revival is in your hands,

As you travel the depths of my underground.

The Love Runner

Emotions untamed and running wild,

You’ve freed me from my pain,

Love I could never understand,

Your presence brings all change.

My heart now desires,

As my lungs burn for you.

I gasp for air fighting to breath,

No more can I be civil,

When you’re so close by me.

I’m fighting the dark to be by you,

A sudden need for nearness.

This ache I don’t yet understand,

Simply I feel it and let it thrive.

Harvesting my own light,

I’m letting it leek into your soul,

For the world be yours,

If only it were under my reign.

You’re just out of reach,

Slipping through my fingers,

Each time and time again.

If only my grasp were strong enough,

If only I was brave enough,

If only you knew,

The 3 words killing me,

On how much




surreal poetry

About the Creator

Alexandra Lacey

Los Angeles >>> Las Vegas

I am a young entrepreneur with lots of stories and experiences to share! I have been on my own the majority of my young adult life, and love offering tips and tricks on how to make it in this world.

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