Big Red Smooches

by Yannick Taylor about a year ago in heartbreak

The Break Up

Big Red Smooches

Darling Love, this journey has been a good one.

It has had its ups and downs.

However, this journey has come to an end.

With this fact and tone

I bid you adieu.

I put on my red lipstick and I send big red smooches to you.

These red smooches are filled with love and gratefulness.

These red smooches refuse to hate you.

Through the dark words

Spewed from your lips

I have survived.

Through lies and tears cried

I smile.

Greater awaits on the horizon of happiness.

No longer will I cry with a washed face of shame.

I grab my kisses and I make a magic potion

That causes me to fly above your game.

No more abuse.

No more misuse.

Darling, this is goodbye.

Smooches, my love.

I am eternally grateful for the lessons learned

Big red smooches

Appear on the black and blue bruises

Big red smooches

Signal the end of an affair

Big red smooches

Heal my heart, mind, and soul

Big red smooches

Wave farewell

How does it work?
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Yannick Taylor

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