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Beyond Horizon

by Stephen Phillips 3 months ago in love poems

A poem on first sight

Beyond Horizon
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

There is a place beyond horizon

Mountains rising

At the edge of a forgotten world

A place so subtle in its brilliance

So magnificently cut

Down the center of peaking walls of stone

A place so steeped in memory

I forget the ones I’ve carried

Hills falling down mountainsides

All the green within your eyes

Is fighting for survival

With the blue contained in mine

And the treetops catching fire

Remind me why I traveled here

To the place beyond horizon

Of that blue

With you

From which there is no coming back

So kiss me like the sky is falling

And the ship is sinking

And the world is ending

Don’t tell me your secrets in a whisper

Show me

And I’ll remember

love poems

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Stephen Phillips

Black coffee and late night flights. ☕️✈️✨

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