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Best of Me

for my sunflower

By Allison K. JonesPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

I want to be better

I know that I do

it's just hard when the best thing about me is


and I try

but I cry

and you can't see the inside of me

it's messy and violent




It's the walls and the blocks I see when we talk

and I trust you


But if you only saw what I knew;

the hands that have been,

the comments from men,

the looks from girls,

the mess in our world.

You're sunshine and bright

I'm darkness and night

so I'm trying to get better

I've tried medications with dinner, I've tried painting pictures, I've wrote my own scriptures, I've painted my nails, and I've sailed my own sails....

I've done what I can

so why can't you see


will always be the best part of me...

sad poetry

About the Creator

Allison K. Jones

I've always loved reading and writing. My literary hero is Stephen King and he's a big part of why I do what I do. Film and TV is mostly where you find me, but I also enjoy a good political smack-down every now and then.

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