Allison K. Jones

I've always loved reading and writing. My literary hero is Stephen King and he's a big part of why I do what I do. Film and TV is mostly where you find me, but I also enjoy a good political smack-down every now and then. 

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5 Indie Bands Worth Your Time
2 months ago
Mainstream music has gotten pretty crappy since the early 2000’s. It’s inanely repetitive, and the only thing saving the lyrics is the beat backing them. That isn’t to demean every genre and song in e...
Is It an Aggressive Dog, or Just a Bad Owner?
2 months ago
Sadly, many provinces across Canada have areas that ban Pit Bulls – Ontario has them completely blacklisted, excluding ones that were already there. These bans greatly disappoint me as a Canadian from...
Top 10 Films for Every Feminist
2 months ago
Face it, women on the big screen aren’t always accurately represented, or more to the point, they’re simply the "eye candy." That’s offensive, to say the least. Women are as strong and fight just as h...
The Hype Behind a Killer Clown
2 months ago
It’s easy to see why Stephen King’s “IT” will be the most anticipated film in cinematic history. Already, in the short time, the movie has been in cinemas, IT opened to an amazing $186 million in glob...
Social Media Is Bad for Your Soul
2 months ago
Pick your poison: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any number of other things. Social media is a dangerous territory. You may be thinking “How is liking my Cousin Joe’s post about his cat dangerous?” ...