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The memories

By Betty OnesjayPublished 24 days ago 1 min read

Besides the waters that flow so serene,

The moon above, a gentle guide,

With every ripple of the stream,

The water sings a sweet refrain,

In the embrace of a tranquil scene,

Reflects the love we cannot hide,

We live our love, a cherished dream,

A melody of love, without refrain,

I found my love, my heart's delight,

In whispered words and tender touch,

Hand in hand, we walk the shore,

It dances 'neath the moonlit sky,

Underneath the stars, aglow in the night,

Our souls entwine, we love so much,

Our hearts aflame, forevermore,

As we embrace, our spirits fly,

Beside the waters that flow so true,

In your arms, I've found my home,

So let us stay, forever near,

For here, with you, I'll always be.

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About the Creator

Betty Onesjay

Betty Onesjay: architect of imagination. Dive into realms where dreams meet reality. With boundless creativity, I craft tales evoking emotions and stretching imagination. Welcome to a world of fantasy, realism, and boundless imagination.

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