Before I Blow

If you never wanted to support me when I was down, don't you come around now.

Before I Blow

I see all this fake stuff going on

People not supporting

People doubting the power

People slandering me behind my back

Once I do something lucrative

All a sudden, you emerge from your little box

With the words “congratulations” or

“I’m so proud of you” inside of your mouth

Now fools wanting to claim me

“That’s my son”

“That’s my boy”

“That’s my nephew”

Miss me with that nonsense

Now you tellin’ everyone how you met me

Who I was before I made it

It’s because you never believed in me,

until I had to show you just how incorrect you were in your statement

I see that life has now changed

Doors swing open whenever I walk right through them

Fans are now pointing me out in public

Women wanna bone, though I’m not throwin’ any

Don’t waste your time or mines either

If it ain’t about the bread and the cheese,

then it ain’t about nothing fam

I always got called out of my name

Now I’m getting mister,

first and last within the same sentence

I see that my influence is reaching

Eyes are on me, even if you are steady cutting em’

My name has gotten around, I’m bein’ discussed

in places dat’ I ain’ even stepped into yet

Link with savage writer,

he’s all over the damn 862

973 I mean –

You know what I’m saying,

same thing.

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