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One with the sea

By Caro LamPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

She became a cloud

Of her identity she was proud

Holding water

She believed was hers to hold

Of becoming anything other

She was never told.

Letting go was her fear

That she would disappear

For with release

Her identity would cease

Holding waters was what she knew

And darker and darker she grew

She became a storm

Unpredictable, angry, loud

Losing control

Waters thundering down

Lost in space, disoriented

She fell to a place

Where she could flow free

Awaiting her, a new identity

She became the sea.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Caro Lam

I am navigating life’s waters, riding the waves (when I can catch them), learning to go with the flow and keep my head above water, with occasional trips to the depths, or just floating on the surface and taking in the beauty around me.

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  • Real Poetic4 months ago


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