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Beauty in Beholder's Eyes

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By TOWOLAWI TUNDEPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the eyes of the beholder lies the beauty,

A mesmerizing tapestry, woven so subtly.

For what one may see, another may not,

A kaleidoscope of perceptions, unique in every thought.

With every glance, a universe unfurls,

Where the essence of beauty skillfully swirls.

In the depths of those eyes, a magical sight,

A symphony of colors, sparkling and bright.

A flower's bloom, a painter's stroke,

The moonlit sky, where dreams evoke.

The soaring eagle, majestic and free,

Or waves crashing against the endless sea.

For beauty is not confined to a single form,

It dances and morphs, defying the norm.

It resides in laughter, in tears that flow,

In love's tender touch, in a gentle breeze's blow.

What captivates one may leave another cold,

Yet every perception, a story to be told.

For beauty is subjective, a personal view,

And through diverse eyes, its splendor shines through.

So let us celebrate the differences we hold,

Embrace the unique, the stories untold.

For in the eyes of the beholder, we find,

The wondrous beauty that unites humankind.

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Hi, I'm Towolawi Tunde kelvin, and I have a background in SECURITY MANAGEMENT and a passion for helping people of color achieve financial success. With over a decade of experience in the industry. i love to read and write as it part of me..

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