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Beautiful Songs

Listening to music brings me true peace

By SaraPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Beautiful Songs
Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

Delicate songs and whimsical tunes

Loud and ruthless guitars and drums

The metronome of these beautiful songs

Make for the kindest touch upon my soul

I follow each note with a wave of my hand

Dancing in a pattern like a ballerina on stage

Or perhaps it taps to the beat of a drum

Pound, pound, pound like a boot on t he ground

The stories these melodies tell are not few and far between

But each tells its own, no matter how obscene

I see all of these and the emotions they bring

The way they cling to my mind endlessly

As simple as a classical piece in the background of my room

As unshakeable as a catchy tune that refuses to leave

As steady as a tempo that leaves you clapping your hands

As pleasant as a melody that you can't help but sing to

Every single song has its own special place

One that can't be left out or forgotten

For it's in music that I find my own true peace

Where I can lose myself within the rhythm and the rhyme

love poems

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I am an avid reader and nonprofessional writer. My dream is to one day get published. I write fiction in various genres, and am currently writing my first novel. Any interaction helps, & contributions are greatly appreciated.

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