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Beautiful, Ditzy Daze

by Olive Paqui 3 years ago in love poems

To Miles

Sweet moments are set aside for us, I can feel it on my fingertips, rose colored. Every time you touch me it's like the red spreads and how do I dare feel rosy when your so f***ing golden lips are against mine and your hands travel my body and I feel a mist envelope us, but at this point the color is unapparent. The smell of your cologne with the taste of gold is enough to get me out of a shallow storm, and as soon as I wrap my legs around your waist you're so golden. It feels as though my chest doesn't have a heart anymore, as if it's all just a feeling, something more than just entrails. It's all something you caused, something I can hear in my ears and feel in my chest, something that feels as burning roses smell. However gold tastes, I know it's you. You're my shining star, you're invited into my world and I plan to keep you here. If you wanna go, the door's right there in the back where I keep tattered boxes of old memories. But I'd hate it if you left, I'd get under the influence of the thought of you and make it my new favorite deadly sin. I tend to do that, make sad thoughts into a hobby, something to work with and take to my time where I'm spacing out and off my f***ing rocker. My free time would never be the same, your potential unavailability isn't just myself staring back at a pack of bottles or any of the same old sad, lonely breakup things, it's obsession that's dripping with venom. But as far as I'd like to believe, you're not leaving my world of battered and beaten surprises and whatever you'd like to believe you see when you're with /me/, not what some other person takes me for. In my world, I love to pepper you with kisses and shut your eyelids and tell you it's me. I love to sit you down and crawl on your lap and feel your soft hair and hear you talk about the rings decorated on your fingers, or the way you felt when you bought a new suit and it made you feel satisfactory, or a trip you had to God knows where. It doesn't have to be too big of a story or too small, I could hear you in your unique, mesmerizing voice for days. God do I love you, I'm in deep, I swear I've warned myself throughout my life to be cautious of falling in love but it's so f***ing hard when with you it's all a beautiful ditzy daze.

love poems

Olive Paqui

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Olive Paqui
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