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Beast of Burden

by Tabitha Bullen 2 months ago in sad poetry
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The Corrupt Conscience

Beast of Burden, deliver me from sin -

You turn my bluest sky a dull umber.

Release me from this oath, you devilish djinn,

Let me wake to the eternal slumber.

I'd gladly sing to the Prince of Angels

And be exalted by a mirrored wall.

I might then hear the ringing golden bells,

Or else the morning light will finally fall.

My damnation would save my wretched soul,

Lethean waters wash you of desire

To watch me dance with all the cursed ghouls

In the burning furnace of your hellfire.

So, I await the feathered harpy's kiss

And begin to mourn all those I will miss.

sad poetry

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Tabitha Bullen

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  • Tabitha Bullen (Author)about a month ago

    This poem focuses more on feelings about oneself and struggles with mental health. Although not necessarily to do with pride month, “Beast of Burden” does hope to capture the feelings of guilt and isolation that sometimes ensue after social events and so on. I hope you enjoy!

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