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by M J Graham about a month ago in fact or fiction

In disbelief...

Photo by Rob on Unsplash

I stare, stunned.

Chaos is rapidly unfolding around me…

A cacophony of noise assaults my ears from all directions;

Bloodcurdling screeches,

Banging, crashing, crunching, thumping, wailing –

Projectiles launching from every corner.

Tumbling bodies,

Fists flying,

Shirts ripping,

Legs kicking –

Alarm sirens blare.

Everything stops.


Someone grabs their belongings and flees;

Chaos resumes…

Hurried feet pound and bodies jostle as they stampede,

Forcing themselves out the door,

Down the hall,

And spilling out to freedom.

“You’re dismissed,” I mutter as I look about

At the destruction left behind,

Not caused by warriors,

But by hormone-laden nightmares

More affectionately known as “today’s youths”.

fact or fiction

M J Graham

I like to dabble!

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M J Graham
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