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Basking in the Glow of an Eternal Love's Flame

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in love poems
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George Hiegel

Nestled down

Just you and me

In a moment of time

Candlelit dreams

Coming true

We kiss, we cuddle

As the fireplace flames

Crackle in syncopated rhythm

But this fire is no match

For the fire burning

Inside my heart for you

For you and no other

Now or ever before

I have so much love to give

So much love for you

I am happy, truly happy

For the first time

In all my years

I am finally where

I want to be

I am home and at peace

In my heart

And in my soul

As we, in love's passion

Intertwine on this night

This cold and darkest of nights

We, you and I

Are two halves

Of the same whole

Uniting equal shares

Of the same soul

In little time

The fireplace flames

Burn readily out

And turn to

Cold gray ashes

But for you and I

The fire still burns

And will only expel

When we no longer

Step and breathe

On this earthly mortal plain

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