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By Fiona Howell

By Fiona HowellPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by mauRÍCIO SANTOS on Unsplash


Have you ever thought of being as small as a barnacle?

Being stepped on by seagulls and humans alike.

Barnacles only have one eye to see light or darkness,

and they eat with their legs.

Imagine eating with your legs.

The seagulls squawk and cry out as they fight over

food by the barnacle shells that speckle the rocks.

Circles that shine bright and white in the water.

Think of only having one eye.

That just sees light or dark.

The ocean finds a purpose for even the smallest animal.

Hearing the crunch of dried out barnacles underfoot

while beach combing, reminds me that even little things

are useful to some other creature.

Everything is used and connected.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Fiona Howell

I am Fiona Howell, an Irish musician and a writer hailing from New Hampshire, US. I have two books out on Amazon: The Locked Box and Blackwood. I have three poems published in anthologies by the Peterborough Poetry Project.

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