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By: Mahenow

By M PervezPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In a world of kicks and bounces, I reside,

A humble ball, on a joyous ride.

From soccer fields to playgrounds wide,

Life's absurdity, I cannot hide.

Oh, the tales I could tell, if only I could speak,

Of the adventures I've had, oh so unique.

I've been kicked and tossed, with a mighty force,

Bouncing around, changing my course.

From muddy puddles to grass so green,

I've been part of many a hilarious scene.

Kids chasing, dogs chasing, a comical sight,

Life as a ball, is truly a delight.

So, here I roll, with a cheerful glee,

A ball's life, oh, what a jolly spree.

Embracing laughter, the ups and downs,

For in the game of life, we are all clowns!

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