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Autumn stroll

"A Serene Autumn Stroll Amidst Nature's Delight"

By Jeet SahaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Autumn stroll
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

All alone, amidst an autumn afternoon,

Aching, as I wandered aimlessly, I swoon.

Afar, the azure sky appeared so bright,

Above, the birds flew off in pure delight.

Aroma of apple pies wafted in the air,

Adrift, my thoughts, as I wandered without a care.

Ah! The leaves, the lovely leaves of gold,

Afoot, I tread, the path of old.

Alas! The sun begins to slowly set,

Away, the light, and with it, my regret.

Abandoned, my fears, I breathe with ease,

Alive, my soul, as I feel the gentle breeze.

Amidst the trees, I find my peace,

And with it, my worries cease.

Aloft, the moon, appears up high,

Asleep, the world, beneath the sky.

As I stand there, under the starry night,

Astonished, I witness, the world's grand sight.

All is calm, and all is bright,

As I stand there, under the moon's soft light.

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About the Creator

Jeet Saha

I love to write fictional,horror stories,poem. i believed that human can create anything with their imagination power.never give up.

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