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Aurora's Dance

Celestial Spectacle

By Made JakePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Aurora's Dance
Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Aurora's Dance

In the northern sky, a spectacle unfolds,

Aurora's dance in ribbons of gold.

A cosmic show of light and hue,

A symphony of green, purple, and blue.

Above the earth, the heavens aglow,

Aurora's dance, a celestial show.

Ribbons of light, a mystical trance,

Painting the sky in a cosmic dance.

In the silence of the Arctic night,

Aurora's dance, a breathtaking sight.

Whispers of wonder fill the air,

As colors swirl with ethereal flair.

Majestic curtains in the sky,

Aurora's dance, enchanting the eye.

A ballet of light, a celestial waltz,

In the northern sky, nature exalts.

Aurora's dance, a sight to behold,

In the winter's chill, in the bitter cold.

Yet hearts are warmed by the cosmic glow,

As auroras dance in the heavens' show.

In the land of ice and snow,

Aurora's dance, a celestial flow.

A symphony of light, a cosmic play,

In the Arctic night, where dreams hold sway.

So let us gaze with wonder and awe,

At Aurora's dance, in the heavens' draw.

For in its beauty, we find delight,

In the northern sky, on a winter's night.

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  • Matthew Mccahey2 months ago

    Lovely poem! Makes me want to see more of the aurora that I saw back in 2023

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