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Auditorium Apothecary

A Tautogram for the Music Addict

By Sara WynnPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Auditorium Apothecary
Photo by Kevin Wang on Unsplash

Anticyclonic accompaniment

alluring amorous audiences,

accentuates abridged acromatics,

assuaging adrenaline afflictions.


Angelic accidentals augmenting,

accelerating, and apparating;

acoustic anomalies ascending,

amaranthine ambience assuring.


Aggressive as an archer's aimed arrow,

attending accompaniments also.

Attempting aerial astral approach;

alight, abloom, absolutely aglow.


Auditorium Apothecary,

anesthesiologist amazing.

artsurreal poetry

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Sara Wynn

Poetry is my language, and Earth is my playground.

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  • cruddymoose11 months ago

    This is a really interesting poem that uses words about music to create a picture of something magical happening. The writer talks about an audience being captivated by the music, and how it helps people feel better when they're feeling really excited or nervous. The way the writer uses words about music is really creative, and I like how they use alliteration to make the poem sound even better. The last two lines of the poem talk about an "auditorium apothecary" and an "anesthesiologist amazing," which I think is a really cool way to describe the power of music. Overall, this is a really great poem that shows how music can be a really powerful thing that can help us feel better and bring us together.

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