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At the Theatre

by Noémi Blom 28 days ago in art

An Ekphrastic Poem

"At the Theatre," Prudence Heward, 1928.

According to the Poetry Foundation, an ekphrastic poem "is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art." For my own take on this, I've chosen to describe Prudence Heward's "At the Theatre" (1928).

At the Theatre

Sisters sit side by side;

their similarities are surreal.

They must have intended it.

Both have their hair up -

one with braids, one in a bun -

and both are – in part – bare-backed.

Yet, they differ.

One wears lace, the other not.

One gazes towards the front,

the other subtly analyzes her surroundings, and – did she just glance at me?

The theatre is filled with faceless figures,

but is this decorated back a way to flirt?

The façade of her smooth skin a way to distract me from

the purpose of my outing?

Her blue silk par dessus is teasing me,

reaching over the seat towards me,

inviting me in with the hints of perfume

that clung to it.

The lights will soon dim,

the show will soon start,

yet all I can help but wonder is

what is your name?

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Noémi Blom
Noémi Blom
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