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At the End of Things

by Amy Christie 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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In touching past wish

I feel hurt,

I loved a different path

back then, still me,


not the same,

I want to step into that time,

a mirror stops my soul

collapsing into what was

and still stays

inside a rain

of memories.


If good or bad,

untold, unknown,

I wanted things to be

so bright, sunny

and kind,

everything changed,

new light, a forest

I hadn't felt

came close,


hopes turned to embers

and the dark

took voice away, my song,

flew up a tree,

waiting on branch

for sunny afternoons and tea,

for flowers and a petals trail

to know the way,

to lead heart sunshine

back to meadow.


I long to be there one more time,

I can't come back

as I am now

I've walked into a new horizon,

for better love,

for rainbows,

for hope that never flies



Apart from wishes long ago

I see the end of things,

I still hold memories

dear in heart,

loved in remembrance,

I started with a tiny candle,

I almost lost the way,

I found the steps into twilight,

at dawn

I met the sun.


I will stay on this sill,

if choices are meant to be broken,

this ending

will be just one breath,

a step far into clouds,

I can begin again,

if forest comes too close,

if no forgiving smile

answers my own



Each color that stayed here,

is mine to hold


bold as the sorrow that has left,

kind in each touch

into moonlight,

I go, I fly,

I stay,

when all things end

I can begin

to fly once more.


Waiting and gone

found and forgiven,

I am at peace,

at home.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

Originally published on Simily

surreal poetry

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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