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Assessments of a Journey (2022 Elections for French Presidency 3/3)

Arrival of an adventure.

By Francis LPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Some of the Candidates, declared or supported by mayors & consor

Hot spots cost a lot - so many guys in the line

Each wants in one shot to get atop, shine

And others only play the game for fun ;

Thus hordes of nuts run - each critic its pun ;)


Both, be yourself and a fresh yogurt pot,

Earn by the sweat of your brow - your own slot


Find your strengths toward the public pockets

Or into pockets of your public - blue

Reaches contenders out of nowhere - sets

Encroach mail boxes - whatever's wrong, true


Choices of electors were made and then

Old morons can not stay along the crowd,

Leaving some debts, frustrations when allowed ;

Dismounted - their journey restored Macron.


On the front picture, from left to right then top to bottom : Hélène Thouy (139 endorsements from representatives), Gaspard Koening (107 endorsements), Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of the World 2016-2020 (C40) as the one of Paris, qualified for the 1st round, 1.74% of exprissed votes), Anasse Kazib (160 endorsements), François Asselineau (293 endorsements), Christiane Taubira (former Minister of Justice, 274 endorsements), Guillaume Meurice (caricaturist, radio funny-host, 6 endorsements), Edouard Philippe (former Prime Minister, 1 endorsement), Emmanuelle Ménard (deputy, Robert's wife, 1 endorsement), Thomas Pesquet (astronaut, 1 endorsement), Carole Delga (President of Region Occitanie, 1 endorsement), François Ruffin (neighbor and best "friend" of first worldwide fortune Bernard Arnaud, 1 endorsement).

Original photographs are issued from Wikimedia, Facebook or Twitter front-pages of the candidates, if not some institutions they represent. Personal mountage.

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  • Francis L (Author)about a year ago

    Effective support might help me to write more documented stories. Please think about it before you continue your reading.

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