As I Walk

The road that never changed.

As I Walk

As I walk down this road I see

That it will never change

From infant to adult the road I have

Walked will never change

From darkness to light this road

I walk will never change

I sit back and stare down this road

As I see it will never change

As a child you tell yourself that you

Will walk down a different road

The road that has changed

But as you get older you see that

The road everyone else walked

The same road you said you will not

You walk down it today

This road will never change

No matter how much you try to

Walk down the road that has changed

You always end up back on the road

That will never change.

Jakayla Gilbert
Jakayla Gilbert
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Jakayla Gilbert

When I was younger all I did was write stories and poems. My dream was to be a writer but my grammar has never been good. I gave up on that dream until I found this and figured that you have to start small right.

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