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by Jessica C. 3 months ago in social commentary
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Lifting of the Veil

Some say the world is crumbling

Perhaps, this may be true

Society is, indeed, stumbling

Maybe this world is through

They say the apocalypse brings the end of the world

It’s the end days—at least that’s what they claim

Destruction will unfurl

Consumed by the flame

Many believe this view

Proclaiming it as ultimate truth

But maybe it’s the destruction of systems familiar to you

Some may cry blasphemy, insisting that’s uncouth

Did you know apocalypse’s origins are Greek in its nature?

It means revelation, the great unveiling

What does this mean for our current juncture?

The real truth will stand prevailing

Maybe it’s the end—or just the end of things as we know it

Maybe it’s just a new beginning, a new and brighter birth

You see, all the mistreatment, the atrocity, the universe will not permit

We need to review life and our conduct here on Earth

Things cannot continue the way they are

We cannot keep pillaging Mother Gaia with abandon

We’ve left our Mother full of scars

Thanks to greed’s unsightly passion

We can change with this insight

Live loving, caring, new lifestyles

We can make all this right

With this great unveiling, we can surpass all trials

Knowledge is power

Now don’t you forget

Now is the hour

Let’s not make it one of regret

social commentary

About the author

Jessica C.

I've always enjoyed creating, whether it be art or stories. I've enjoyed creating art from a young age and have worked in a variety of schools. I adore anime & cats. Over the summer we adopted baby Tsuki/Tsukihime, my moon princess kitten.

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