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Anxiety and me

It started when I was 23

By Kalina BethanyPublished about a year ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
Anxiety and me
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I'm feeling anxious...

Life doesn't seem to stop revolving

around this unidentifiable source,

this dream,

not even for a second

so I can breathe.

The only breaks I seem to receive

are when I'm scarfing down a meal,

sitting on the toilet

or laying down before retiring for sleep;

Half dozing off but fighting the urge

to succumb to this drowsiness,

all so I can indulge in my hobbies and joys

for at least a few minutes,

a couple seconds at least

before falling asleep.

Sad how it seems

that happiness

is the thing that suffers the most

if other items to-do don't go

as I strongly hoped.

Work has also been causing panic and worry

due to the heavy workload

and unrealistic expectations.

I'm not used to drowning in so much scurry,

bombarded by urgent chats and exchanges,

filling up my cup well over the brim,

and into the pool of water

forming well below me.

It's contagious; not courageous.

No one seems to hear my internal cries,

they only add on more screams,

more whines.

I need to do what I am capable of

and lower expectations.

I don't receive that of which I'm providing

and the time I've dedicated is worth more

than feeling like I'm constantly dying.

Take your breaks.

Plan your days.

Pawn off tasks.

Express your needs.

But don't ever give up;

Stay in the Game.


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  • Moe Radosevichabout a year ago

    keep writing you’re doing fine, 😊😊😊

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