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☥ Ankh Around My Neck


By Ma’at CC 𓁧 Published about a year ago 1 min read
☥ Ankh Around My Neck - By Ma’at CC

☥ Ankh is an Ancient Positive Symbol! It is the Ancient Symbol of Life, which is also a replication of a Womans Womb. It Symbolizes Truth, Righteousness & Family/Original Holy Trinity of Man, Woman & Child. It was used in Kemet for many things, including to Conduct Energy! Also it represents the Now Life & After Life! It is one of our Ancestors Protection Symbols ☥

This is a Poem from my first book from my First Book “Melanin Writing” Non-Fiction Revolutionary Poetry - Check out my full book collection here: www.XByCC.com/Collections/Books


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Ma’at CC 𓁧

SelfPublished Author Artist Entrepreneurial Expressionist ♡ ✍🏾📚


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