Angel's Face in Which I See

Longing Poem Written 22 Years Ago

Angel's Face in Which I See
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Quick Note Before the Poem

Scary; I wrote this poem 22 years ago! That means I was 18 when I wrote this. It was before my birthday that year. Anyway, here it is; my earlier work (pre-published days). You can tell that I hit my “teen angst” days around this time. Structure went out the window, but you can still tell I was longing for something and someone. I want all my readers to know me; so, I had to share poems from my past as well.

Poem- "Angels' Face in Which I See"

Angel’s face in which I see

A smile so sweet, it stills my beating heart.

Oh, how she provokes such feelings within me

How do you talk to an angel to impart?

Thoughts & emotions, running deep

Like a queen to a peasant’s mind

She needs but to reach out, and I’m her’s to keep

One look; and courage is too hard to find.

Is she as wonderful as she seems?

I wish to hear all about her, from her tender lips

For now; I shall have to know only my dreams

As she consumes my mind, like a total eclipse.

Originally written: 9/16/1998

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Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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