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And I Was Born

The Secrets of the Sky

By Michael O'ConnorPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

I cross the winding water stream as I see the endless stream

of cloud escapees falling softly and smashing down upon the river.

The secrets of the sky are brought to me as they

pierce my cold eyes like a thousand fiery hot needles.

Blink and blink again so the water keeps dripping,

adding to the thrust of life bound only by the consciousness of the drips.

Baby, sit and watch it fall with me.

Allow the trains to slow on their tracks and the skyscrapers

to crumble and collapse, as we listen to the wax spinning

over to our ears, a vibration to block out the noise of the forgotten.

A passing smile discretely scene a sad vision as footsteps

pass by unnoticed, lavender is in the air.

I sought the warm colours and the flair of the flames,

chased them deep into the darkness of night,

into a lost cave,

dark enough for the spark to be seen.

And I was born.

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Michael O'Connor

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  • Daphsam3 months ago

    A beautiful poem!

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