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An old soul

by Carolee Baumgartner about a year ago in inspirational

sharing a connection from within

An old soul
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Old Soul

The fluid sounds of the piano as it soothes the pain of the day;

The fire that flows from the fingertips of the prodigy.

What an old soul to feel such pain and presence.

The connection to the times, the flow of the message, the calm the music brings…

What an old soul to feel with such passion.

From the deaf ear of Beethoven to the brilliance of Don Shirley, brilliance in the message, talent beyond measure…

What an old soul..

Perhaps that soul found the connection in one of equal hardship. The same but different.

Ludwig introduced to the melody of the mind at a young age, yet plagued with failure of but one of the senses.

What an old soul…

The passion in his play beyond his mere digits, Don Shirley the man may just have been the vessel to house an old soul…

Though his plight was quite different in the struggles of culture and racism, fire flowed from his fingertips as he shared his gift..

What an old soul…

In this unequal paying field of man vs woman, race vs race, culture vs culture, does Keiko Matsui not dance the ivories as was once lost?

Her masterful manipulation of her instrument beyond her years…

What an old soul..

Connect the dots for yourself..our cultures are intertwined, our lives shaped, our souls live on long after the flesh is gone. What will your soul share? Will you dare to be a force to be reckoned with along the journey from this world to the next? Open your eyes, fuel your passion, connect with your soul, and above all else share the gift from your past life... what an old soul.


Carolee Baumgartner

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Carolee Baumgartner
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