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An Image lost


By Samantha DulakPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photograph by Samantha Dulak

I close my eyes and what do i see. Miraculously, I see either two things. One, Memories from long ago fleeting on the edge of a transparent void. Two; I see in hues of black and red.. of Nothingness.

The lost... The pain

You see when we close our eyes briefly. We invoke a memory from long ago or just remembered. That ties emotions. Not only to ourselves but the ones we share these memories with. It's an endless cycle of love , lust or fleeting pain.

Then we have the other side to that coin. Our eyes close. Hues of red and black appear. Our body's cold . Nothingness, like the sounds we could have heard when we had ears. Like a knife trying to whittle a piece of wood. But can't because it's dull. It form never really finished.

To close our eyes briefly is just as hard as forever. "Why"? As I felt blooded tears fall from my eyes. Knowing that time has stopped for you and just slowed down for me.

That's because my eyes closed briefly while you're closed forever.

I don't want to close my eyes.

My brother, I see you.

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About the Creator

Samantha Dulak

I guess you can say I'm an ordinary Joe. My personality is like a River it's strong. I did graduate from high school and I have some college. I have a beautiful son. Im in love with the written word. Come on in and enjoy yourself.

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    Samantha DulakWritten by Samantha Dulak

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