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An Alphabet Adventure: Exploring The World From A To Z for Kids

the Alphabet Adventure! “U”

By Sandy MayPublished 8 days ago 1 min read
An Alphabet Adventure: Exploring The World From A To Z for Kids
Photo by Apaha Spi on Unsplash

U Umbrella

In a world of raindrops, where showers descend,

A magical shield emerges, a loyal friend.

With a canopy of protection, open wide,

The umbrella shelters, by its owner's side.

Oh, the umbrella, a guardian of dry,

With its sturdy frame, reaching high.

Its fabric, like a colorful sky,

Defying the rain, as clouds pass by.

Children's eyes brighten, their hearts filled with glee,

As they hold the umbrella, feeling so carefree.

They imagine themselves, dancing in the rain,

With the umbrella's embrace, a joyful refrain.

With each gentle opening, it tells a tale,

Of comfort and safety, never to fail.

In the midst of downpours, it finds its call,

Offering shelter, to one and all.

With the letter 'U,' the umbrella imparts,

Lessons of protection, straight to young hearts.

For in its presence, they come to see,

The beauty of safety, wild and free.

So let the children embrace its colorful charm,

In awe they'll stand, shielded from harm.

For the umbrella, with its caring grace,

Teaches us to shield, in life's rainy embrace.

In the realm of umbrellas, dreams find solace,

As children and raindrops intertwine with grace.

With each sheltered step and raindrop's kiss,

A connection forms, forever in bliss.


U is for Umbrella, shelter in the rain,

Unfolding its canopy, protection it will gain.

Raindrops dancing, as it keeps us dry,

The umbrella's embrace, under cloudy sky.

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Sandy May

Hello, I'm Sandy May, using a pen name. I'm keen on writing gigs, including illustration, though I'm not always adept at it. If you enjoy my creations, kindly give them a thumbs up, share with your folks and subscribe for free.

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  • Grz Colm8 days ago

    Beautiful poem!! Great job!

  • This was so wonderful! Fantastic poem!

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