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An acrostic poem

Eclipse on told

By ChikatelmaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
An acrostic poem
Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

An Eclipse draft is forming now. Eclipse shape will make a dark. Eclipse strength crosses all boundaries. Eclipse glimpse reveals some secrets. Eclipse walks show some skills. Eclipse touch gets one "screem. Eclipse dew glosses with pride. Eclipse without sunset,the sun noon high,bruised black by the moon. Eclipse sun heals white,costumed" parrot mock" the wound of magic.                      Eclipse charmed beats dance to bell and flute,forgetting fear and "fierceness, gentle beat, and lion's tamed for the length of a chiming whistling. Eclipse blocking the sunny view of the happy people,as the day gets dark as the night of the shadows,making everyone unhappy, frowning, surprised,and devastated.


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hello I’m a Nigerian,and am 34years old,I graduated on the year 2014,am a Christian and sprirituality is an important aspect of my life my bubbies are reading books and watching movies

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