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Always Notifications

One of real magic

By Emil indwPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Always Notifications
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Real slavery starts with a sound

All awake waiting for notifications

An application containing magic

People can become maniacs in waiting



Time feels envious

People forget to look at time

Time and notifications have their own place

Who is in favor of both, already addicted



Glued to the unreal

Trapped in wishful thinking

Guessing the content of notifications

A reply from someone or blind spam



A smile comes from the real

Fingers repel spam that comes on purpose

A life full of distractions

An addiction that feels not from the forbidden



Turning off notifications is an impossibility

What's real in life drowns

One's self can be forgotten

Like dreams - dreams that are only told



Written by Emil Indarw

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About the Creator

Emil indw

I always use the people around me as inspiration in my writing. They will be special people if you know how to write about them.

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Comments (1)

  • Novel Allen27 days ago

    Ah yes, those annoying notifications...I like your style Emil, you attack the problems with such energy. I like this one a lot.

Emil indwWritten by Emil indw

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