by Maritza Landeros about a year ago in sad poetry



I sit in grief, all alone

I have no one, to call my own

You mixed me into all your lies

All love and hope, just up and dies

I loved you more, than words could say

Can’t bear to live, another day

All the pain, you put me through

Will soon come back, to dwell on you

I believed you, when you said,

That you and I would move ahead

But now I stand without you here,

All the possibilities, have disappeared

Because of you, my life will end,

My broken heart, could never mend

So here I am, to say goodbye

No longer will I, hurt or cry

Just think of all, you could have done.

But chose to leave, and turn to run

You could have saved me, to live on

But you’re too late, and now I’m gone

sad poetry
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