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Alleyway Calf

(A unique and powerful image, not a commentary on the dairy industry. Most farmers love their animals, and calves are cared for well.)

By John Hein NystromPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Lulu: A bovine friend I spent time with during the Summer of 2015.

My life begins with pain,

No sacrament, no beauty.

I am dropped within

This backwards way,

No hay, no straw,

No Mother-tongue,

So rough and warm,

To dry me, clean me, help me find

The use of lungs for air

Or hair for tongues.

This place is

Steeped in fetid shoals,

And pieces predigested stick

To me and make

My dark coat blacker

And even browner still,

But strip my chocolate luster,

My dappledness and umbre,

My nut-brown perfect wonder,

All my waves of richer color,

My tones torn wide asunder,

Leaving nothing but a blundered,

Blemished, barely breathing stain.

nature poetry

About the Creator

John Hein Nystrom

As a veterinary student and poet, I inhale wonder like it's oxygen. Existence is beautiful, ridiculous, tragic, and breathtaking. There is poetry in every dust mote and meaning in every phenomenon. Our worth and absurdity are profound.

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