All That I Am

A Poem

All That I Am

I am overly sensitive

I get attached to those I grow to care for

I like receiving attention

I give my all to the one I’m with

I want to share mutual feelings with a guy

I struggle seeing other people’s point of view

I do push to have an open mindset

I do to much compromising

I prove myself more than I let the guy

I need to stand my ground

I let my hormones get me in rough spots

I can’t put out, what I can’t give back

I get caught up in the moment

I care a little too much

I always want what I can’t have

It’s hard coping with loneliness

I want a man, but don’t need one

I always want to fix the guy I want

I struggle letting go

I want love someone

I struggle loving just me

I want to see my own worth

I want to be someone’s muse

I jump into things too fast

I don’t know what I want out of life

I fight to see myself and not be the world

I pretend like I have it together

I want heal from past pain

I need to move on from things that are no more

I have to get myself together

I know I need to be careful with my choices

I can love who I am

I just have to do it

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