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All I want is to be home.

by Jack Anderson Keane about a month ago in sad poetry

a "homecoming" poem.

All I want is to be home.
Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

a home is a place

where you feel secure

to unfurl after everything

the world's made you endure.


a home feels safe

even when it's not

because a comfortable lie

is still worth a lot.


a home is a building

ceilings and floors

and walls to keep

the wolves from the door.


a home is a person

sturdy and true

a rock to fall back on

there always for you.


home is warmth

home is respite

home, in the darkness,

is one's guiding light.


if all else should fail you,

your body can be your home.


resolute in your own skin,

even when you're alone.


i have never been at home

in my own skin.


i've never known anyone

who stayed long enough to be

a rock on my shore.


i have never remained in any one place

where i wasn't uprooted

before i could grow.


if one never knew



or intimacy,

would they know it

if they saw it?

would they embrace it

if they got it?

would they lose it

if they found it?


what is home

to someone

who's never

had one?

sad poetry

Jack Anderson Keane

An idiot pretending not to be an idiot.

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