All I Need


All I Need

All I need is love

I don't need air or food

No wonderous mood

All I need is love

I don't need sound or light

Earthly delights that make me feel alright

But I need love

I don't want hands or feet

Or to keep my room neat

My brain or my soul

They are an unimportant toll

Because I wish to spend all my energy on love

I don't need birds or bees

Or cars and trees

relaxation and ease

Or tension Or displease

No breeze on my knees as I squeeze myself tight telling my body everything will be alright

No care to eat an eclair

Or stare the sky and wonder why there is vastness above

I just need love

No need to run or to sing

No need to make anything

Nothing more to find

Never again will I grind up against life and its strife

As long as I have love

Please! Take my clothes and my food

Take my wondrous mood!

Get rid of my joy, take away all my toys

Destroy my thoughts, tangle my body in knots

Throw away all of my things

My notes and my rings

And there's no need to bring anything new

Because love will do

Remove my friends and family

Destroy my comfort and sanity

And this will be a tragedy

But i will survive with love

So get rid of fear, hate and dread!

Instead let's return to our homestead

The loving place that we can't always face because anger is telling us to sulk!

The bulk of our existence is rooted in fear

but always here is love

Sometimes I just forget

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Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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