"Alchemy" and "Honeymoon"

the honey poems

"Alchemy" and "Honeymoon"


Life(socalled) was a thing of fragments v a p o r

and a dull, electric pulse just barely holding one piece to another,

and a slow, oozing de comp osit ion

and thoughts

such as a corpse has.

And everything drifting from an empty center.

But then densefleshhoneyheart

roared into existence with a great thunder hum

and fearsome crackling life in the field's deep center.

The vapor burned clean

and every fragment buzzed a harmony

and turned and drifted

to gather as WholeHeart.


Everything inside leeches cold,

curling inward

in protective


That people can think of a honeymoon:


this is our oneness. this is our joy.

what we have been waiting for.

That they will not think of

old monsters.

That they will have no vintage

poison to drink.

That their infant old selves will not

sink their last, meanest dart

in their flesh

in that moment when all should be


surreal poetry
Kaelyn Peay
Kaelyn Peay
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