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Ah Putin

by Zachary Phillips 5 months ago in vintage / surreal poetry / social commentary / slam poetry / sad poetry / performance poetry / nature poetry / love poems / list / inspirational / how to / heartbreak / fact or fiction / excerpts / childrens poetry / celebrities / buyers guide / book reviews / art
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a poem

Ah Putin,

ya shoulda done some more computing,

before ya sent your troops a shooting.

Perhaps then they wouldn’t be a looting,

dumping equipment and substituting,

their tanks for feet and food troubleshooting.

I guess it’s easy to be all highfalutin,

when you’ve the power to be executing.

Twisting narratives and truth diluting

using your nation for prostituting,

with personal gains from war prosecuting.

All the while Ukraine’s recruiting,

in every way they are refuting;

your whims and wishes and parachuting,

your soldiers are dead or are a routing,

your economy’s destroyed there’s no refuting.

Ah Putin,

I wish your rule to be a muting.

That means your death, or at least a booting,

from tzar to the grave, a desirable transmuting,

the only way to get to a future worth rooting.

vintagesurreal poetrysocial commentaryslam poetrysad poetryperformance poetrynature poetrylove poemslistinspirationalhow toheartbreakfact or fictionexcerptschildrens poetrycelebritiesbuyers guidebook reviewsart

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Zachary Phillips

Mental Health - Mindfulness - Self Help


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